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reportingEnsure accountability and compliance with our comprehensive reporting features that give administrators insight into the employee usage of company applications and data.

LDAP/AD Integration

convenientWe make it easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure, on-boarding and off-boarding employees is automatic and painless.

Password Generator

password_generatorCreate ultra secure passwords with a few clicks and then forget about them. That’s the convenience we give employees when they use our password generator. Based on your password policies, just set it and forget it. We do all the rest and remember your passwords for every account so you don’t have to.

Remote Session Deactivation

secureOccasionally, users get distracted and forget to log-off password protected applications and sessions. Not to worry, with our remote session deactivation feature you can disconnect any open session right from your mobile device.


autofillEnhance employee productivity with our auto-fill feature users can easily access all of there accounts with just a few clicks, no more typing information or frustration remembering login credentials, We do it for you!

One Password = All accounts

1_passwordOne master password grants users privileged access to all of there accounts seamlessly. No more password resets or costly help desk calls.

Secure Access on any device

iconsample2Users now have access to applications and data anywhere and on any device. With automatic sync your employees always have secure access to the latest information wherever they are.

Two-factor Authentication

2faAdd a second secure layer of protection to your applications and accounts. With one click the GateKeeper Passcode Authenticator serves up a randomized, time based, one time passcode to use as additional authentication. Mobile device token-less or USB token – it’s your choice.

Role-based Access Controls 

Access RolesWith role-based access control, access decisions are based on the roles that individual users have as part of an organization. Enterprise systems administrators  can easily set up role and permission based authentication based on specific employees and, or groups of users. The use of roles to control password access can is an effective means for developing and enforcing enterprise-specific security policies, and for streamlining the security management process.

Predictive Behavioral Monitoring  

authentry_icons_PredictiveBehavior2Our machine learning algorithms monitor the behavior of every user within a company. If the user starts doing things that are out of character for his or her peer group–accessing different files or directories, logging on in the middle of the night, or mistyping his password–then it triggers alarms. Authentry utilizes huge amounts of historical data collected about users’ characteristics, activity and behavior. With its embedded advanced analytics, the system pinpoints suspicious users’ entities and reports accounts that had tried to be compromised by advanced adversaries or insider threats.