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How it Works

The LogiKey TM is Our flagship product that offers a more convenient and secure way to sign in and lock your computer. The Cryptographic LogiKey TM fits on your key ring and goes everywhere you go ! In Addition, for a low monthly fee you get our GateKeeper TM Password Safe to keep and protect all of your passwords on one easy to use device!

AuthEntry | LogiKeyFeatures

The LogiKey TM  holds your personal encrypted credentials that allows you, and only you access to your computer, email, files, web and building entrances. Simply hold the key up to the NFC panel and it unlocks the door. Once at your computer put your device into any USB slot and enter your passcode to gain access to your desktop, Applications, Email, Web.


Usernames and passwords are the most vulnerable entry point into any company or individuals online world. Our solutions eliminate the need for usernames and passwords and give the user the most secure mechanisms to authenticate physically and logically saving productivity time and money.

The LogiKey-  Not only locks and unlocks your computer from unwanted guests, it also gives you two factor authentication and access to all of your online accounts on any desktop,  laptop or workstation.

  • Light weight and convenient
  • AES256 Secure
  • Smart card encrypted
  • Secure read only USB
  • Superior security
  • Access anywhere