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The Future of Passwords

Security experts tell us to create long, complex passwords (think numerals and symbols) for every online account. But how are we supposed to remember all of those mind-numbing character strings?

Enter G@teKeep3r the software that manages your passwords for you.

The app allows you to store your passwords in one file by creating one ultra-secure master password to serve as the portal to all your other user names and passwords.

It is not only highly secure, but also easy to use. G@teKeep3r by AuthEntry ( is downloadable for Windows and most smartphones and tablets. G@teKeep3r works with or without the LogiKey our Multi-Factor Encrypted Authentication Key that plugs into your computer for a third level of security which has never been hacked.

Enter a master password (be sure to remember it, because G@ateKeep3r doesn’t save it), and the app automatically encrypts your passwords and other private information using military-grade, bulletproof AES-256 encryption. Simple, Safe, Secure!