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Two Choices for Two factor Authentication

Two factor authentication with or without a token. Its your choice… – Only from AuthEntry

1. The LogiKey is a cryptographic token based USB key that not only locks and unlocks your computer or tablet, but also grants access to our Gatekeeper IMS for maximum Two-factor security.

2. Mobile Passcode Verification is our tokenless OOB phone based  Two – factor Authentication solution that works on any mobile device. Just  one touch gives you a randomized one time generated pass code to use along with your password when logging into any account for ultimate security.
Whichever option you choose, is ultra secure and easy to use.  Two factor authentication always available in the palm of your hand!

Mobile Passcode Verification (MPV) enables organizations to transform smartphones into convenient, secure one-time-passcode (OTP) tokens, leveraging devices that are widely deployed, to provide convenient security that eliminates the inherent insecurity of static passwords by requiring an additional layer of user authentication. This is a proven method to help defend against Key Loggers, Man-in-the-middle, Brute Force and Phishing attacks


Mobile Passcode Verification  Benefits

  • Enables strong and convenient mobile authentication with out-of-band technology
  • Provides soft token authentication for enterprise environments
  • Transforms today’s popular smartphones into mobile credentials
  • Includes standards-based (OATH) authentication and signature
  • Support for leading mobile platforms

The LogiKeyis a physical secure read-only USB token that not only automatically locks and unlocks your computer for secure two-factor login, when plugged in, it also gives you two-factor secure authentication and access into all of your applications when used with GateKeeper IMS (Identity Management Suite)

Based on AES256 encryption, 128 bit strong key and state-of-the-art encryption algorithm with built in Patent Pending  smart card technology favored by the U.S. military and governments around the globe. The Logikey is the only product on the market that offers two-factor secure login and password and identity management with a token from one company – AuthEntry